The ultimate last mile van

Arrow One is a Brazilian project and the first electric Last Mile in Brazil. The vehicle does not emit CO2 and has a capacity for 16.5 m³ of goods with a range of 270 kilometers. It also has the patented One Shot Loade, where the packages orders are placed in an external structure, a type of drawer, and when the vehicle arrives at the distribution center, the entire device is placed inside the van, which immediately leaves for delivery. delivery optimizing time and operational costs. Furthermore, it has the fact that it is a walk-in van allowing best package handler in the operation. The design communicates all the technology and innovation.

Winning design

In 2023, we won the BDA, the most important Brazilian design award in the popular vote category and third in product design.


In 2024, we won the IF Design Awards, the world's top design award in the product design - commercial vehicles category.